Software Innovations to Propel Your Company Forward

Software Innovations to Propel Your Company Forward

New tech is changing business procedures faster than we thought was possible only a decade ago. With workplace digitalization creating new trends, organizations are literally racing against time in an attempt to keep up.

Since new software solutions keep popping up continually, remaining evergreen has emerged as the biggest challenge.

We’ll hereby discuss elementary software types businesses can benefit from.

Performance Management Software

Even though choosing the right software is a significant task, one type is certain to help any business, namely, performance management software. Simply put, employee engagement drives business success and any tool that can uphold this goal is a welcome benefit. 

Nowadays, businesses can get hold of sophisticated apps that will simplify all five stages of the performance management cycle: planning, monitoring, developing, rating, and rewarding.

When coupled with proper training methodologies, seamless communication channels and tools, and anonymous feedback, this software type can level up any business.

Scheduling Software

Software for scheduling jobs is packed with diverse functionalities,

These apps can be installed locally or be cloud-based. Scheduling software automats scheduling processes, including schedule management, estimated resources and durations, communication, and activities.

Specifically, businesses should consider software solutions beneficial for scheduling jobs for frontline teams.


Because frontline employees keep asking for better work conditions and new tech that will help them streamline demanding tasks.  Obviously, this issue isn’t insignificant since frontline workers are looking for any opportunity to change their jobs.

Internal Communication Software

There are many benefits of internal communication software since it boosts connection and alignment.

Typically, these apps bring together all employees and managers in one central location where communication is being handled on the overall organizational level. Because of that, they’re usually more than simple communication tools.

Scilicet, in addition to their chief purpose, these apps serve as platforms for company updates and feedback.

One notable benefit of internal communication software is interaction streamlining, which enables every employee to connect with anyone else in a matter of seconds. 

Since the functions of internal communication apps go beyond the usual chit-chat, it’s not surprising that various alternatives are being used by businesses.

Some typical internal communication channels include:

  •         Chats (text, video, and audio)
  •         Messaging
  •         Facebook groups (private)
  •         Intranets
  •         Email
  •         Bulletin boards
  •         Management apps

Not all of these solutions offer the same alternatives, so businesses should choose wisely which ones to use and what to use them for.

Due to all these reasons, deciding on a single app may prove difficult. On the other hand, relying on too many apps will overwhelm the employees and make things more complicated rather than easier.

First of all, look for alternatives that are secure, trusted, and regulated. This is business communication we’re discussing here, after all, so you wouldn’t want to deal with safety issues and similar.

Next on, look for the apps that allow for communication streamlining and workflow integrations. Optimally, they should also feature video and audio chat as these solve issues faster than messaging.

Finally, the apps need to be user-friendly. Overly complicated solutions are certain to frustrate employees, which is never a good sign as this software is to be used regularly.

Multipurpose Tools

Next on, businesses should look into software for engaging and managing your team. Time-tracking software, for example, is a welcome addition in any industry. This type of software makes life simpler for everyone.

If you’re tired of unreliable PIN clocks, swipe clock time cards, biometrics, proximity clocks, or punch clock time cards, it’s time to consider a software solution.

Time-tracking software automates the entire process and records the time spent on every task. Different variables are offered by different apps, so it is recommended to compare offers before making a final decision.

Typically, time trackers either automatically record all activities or include timesheets. Picking an app that offers both options will allow you to manually enter time as needed.

Further out, these apps can be either standalone or integrated. Integration is always a good solution but if it makes processes more difficult instead of simplifying them, standalone apps may be a better option.

Take a look at time tracking software for pool companies and more to learn about the options.

Onboarding Software

The importance of employee onboarding can hardly be exaggerated. Nowadays, there are software solutions that can help HR teams polish their procedures and create stellar templates while also being able to personalize materials as needed.

In a nutshell, onboarding software streamlines SOPs and leaves ample space for creativity.

However, not every onboarding app is a good one. At the very least, the following functionalities should be enabled:

  •         Detailing responsibilities, schedules, and payment info
  •         Submitting a job requisition document to managers in charge
  •         Gathering the necessary forms for new hires
  •         Listing devices and tools new hires will need
  •         Setting up accounts and logins
  •         Scheduling orientation sessions
  •         Enabling onboarding customization

Compare offers to get an idea of the full potential of onboarding software. To avoid being overwhelmed by the myriad of options, pre-define which functionalities you want to streamline.

The list goes on, but at the very least, these ideas should be considered. After all, every business can make use of streamlining and better communication, so start from there.

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