How Quality Shears Impact Your Hairstyling Game

How Quality Shears Impact Your Hairstyling Game

For a professional hairstylist, the shears wielded in their skilled hands are more than just tools—they’re extensions of their artistry, precision, and personal brand. The shears you use can make all the difference between a haircut that wows the client and another that falls flat. In the competitive arena of hairstyling, ensuring you have the best possible arsenal of shears is not only a mark of professionalism but also a necessary ingredient in your recipe for success.

This blog post is a love letter to the unsung heroes of the hairstyling world—shears. Within these digital pages, we’ll explore how the quality of your shears can shape your styling process, affect your business’s bottom line, and leave an indelible mark on your clientele’s experience.

Understanding Shear Quality

The craft of hairstyling is no place for subpar equipment. The best hair cutting shears are the unsung heroes behind every successful cut, ensuring clean lines, effortless blending, and the comfort of the stylist.

What Distinguishes High-Quality Shears

The quality of shears can be distinguished by the types of steel used to make them. High-end shears often feature cobalt, molybdenum, or vanadium steel, known for their superior strength and edge retention. In contrast, inexpensive shears may use softer alloys that quickly dull and require frequent sharpening.

Materials, Construction, and Weight

When assessing shears, the material used for the handle and construction of the blade are key indicators of quality. Handles made of zinc or aluminum, for example, are less durable than those made of steel or titanium. Additionally, the weight of the shears plays a significant role in the comfort and fatigue levels of the stylist. Lightweight shears can reduce strain during long cutting sessions but should not compromise on quality.

The Shears Every Stylist Needs

A professional stylist is only as good as their tools, and a core set of shears is pivotal to achieving the range of hairstyles demanded by clients.

Essential Shears for Your Toolkit

Every professional’s toolkit should include several essential shears:

  • Cutting Shears: The workhorse of your kit, designed for cutting hair with precision and flexibility.
  • Thinning Shears: Also known as texturizing shears, these are essential for blending and removing volume without altering the hair’s length.
  • Blade-on-Blade Shears: Ideal for creating clean lines and suitable for both wet and dry cuts.
  • Swivel Shears: Perfect for reducing wrist strain and offering more ergonomic freedom of movement.

Specialized Shears for Techniques

Professional haircuts are diverse, and so should be the shears used to achieve them:

  • Point Cutting Shears: These feature a notch in the blade which makes them perfect for precision cuts and softening edges.
  • Notching Shears: With a serrated edge, they’re used for creating textured looks and soft layers.
  • Chunking Shears: For when you need to remove a significant amount of hair quickly, these shears feature widely-spaced teeth.

Maintaining Shear Quality

No matter how high-quality your shears are, if they aren’t maintained properly, their performance will suffer.

The Importance of Regular Maintenance

Regular cleaning and oiling should become a ritual with your shears. This not only keeps them in top cutting condition but also prevents corrosion and rusting. Professional shears require professional maintenance—find a trusted sharpener with the right equipment to care for your tools.

Extending Lifespan and Sharpness

Simple habits, like wiping your shears clean after each use and storing them in a sheath when not in use, can greatly extend their lifespan. Additionally, sharpening your shears should not be an afterthought; it’s best to have them sharpened as soon as you feel a decrease in cutting performance.

The Business Impact

Investing in quality shears is not just a reflection of your dedication to your craft; it’s also a strategic business move.

Enhancing Services and Attracting Clients

Clients can often feel the difference between a good and a great haircut. High-quality shears allow for more precise cutting, which in turn, can lead to happier clients who are more likely to return and recommend your services.

Long-term Cost Benefits

While the upfront cost of quality shears can seem high, they are designed to last for many years if properly cared for. In contrast, cheaper shears may need to be replaced frequently, making those initial savings illusory.


The adage “a poor craftsman blames his tools” only tells half the story. A wise craftsman recognizes the value of their tools in their work. Professional hairstylists, if you’re looking to elevate your game and set yourself apart, start with the quality of your shears. In this critical component of hairstyling, what may seem a small detail can have a huge impact on your success.

Take the time to research, invest, and care for your shears—your clients will thank you for the exceptional haircuts, and your bottom line will reflect the long-term benefits of quality tools. For those hesitant about the investment, consider it not a cost, but a profit waiting to be shared.

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