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5 Ways To Personalise Your Holiday Photo Cards

After years apart or seeing each other a couple of times this year, you can reminisce about the years by sending those close to you holiday photo cards. Like any other project you undertook throughout the year, consider this another project. This means you should take time, plan, and use the best resources to create the best card. 

Creating the card shouldn’t be a major challenge. All it takes is the ability to personalize the message and every element included in the card. Therefore, select the perfect, joyful, and most memorable photo(s). Next, consider the perfect message that resonates with you and the recipient.  

If you want to learn more, here are some tricks for personalizing the card and making it perfect for the holidays. 

1. Selecting the Perfect Photo for Card 

Before sharing the card, think of the perfect photo you wish to share with the recipient. This explains why you should consider customizing the perfect card for everyone, even if you send it to the entire family.  

So, what picture should you include in your card? You can include some pictures, especially funny ones and those that seem stupid.  

The holidays are a time of happiness and reminiscing. Use a photo that will do that and express the emotions.  

First, consider your intention, which is how you would wish the recipient to feel when they receive that card from you. If you want to share memories, consider a photo that will do that. For instance, you can share childhood photos reminding them of when they were smiling.  

You can also include a moment when you were happy together despite going through a tough time. This will remind the recipient of their resilience and how much they have overcome in the past.  

All in all, be creative when designing perfect holiday photo cards. Consider the photo even before you begin designing the card. The photo is everything, so position it strategically to bring a smile to someone’s face.  

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2. Crafting Perfect Message 

So, how should you write the message on the card? The first rule is not to be too formal, even if you send clients a business holiday photo card. Make the message simple, informal, and perhaps humorous. The photo can always tell you the perfect message to write on the card. 

Businesses shouldn’t be too sentimental with the messages. Craft a simple message based on the photo, then wish them the best holiday. Finally, remind the customers how much you value their relationship with them.  

Here is a simple guideline: look at the photo, then craft something that comes to mind. What does the photo remind you of? It will probably have the same influence on the recipient. Next, draft about four to five messages, then select the best one. 

When creating a card for family or a friend, you can write something positively stupid and funny to remind both of you of the past. You can crack a joke that will trigger some emotions in the recipient.  

Due to distance and commitment in life, it can be challenging to keep up with everyone or meet in person. Therefore, you should include a message that addresses that. For instance, you could talk about how you missed them until you found the photo. 

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3. What To Include in The Back 

The card has two sides, giving more space for your holiday memories. Most people use only the front part and leave the back empty. One ideal use for the back is to craft your perfect message. You are free to write a simple one or two paragraphs. 

To make it more intimate and romantic, write a handwritten note at the back rather than printing. The handwritten note shows the recipient how much you value and care about them.  

What if the message fits in the front part, leaving you with a space at the back? Then, get creative and include similar photos. If you are sending a photo card to your kid, why not attach different photos of when they were young?  

This is a perfect message rather than a handwritten note. It reminds you how much you miss the past, yet you still celebrate them growing up.  

4. Be Creative And Create Something New 

A photo holiday card is just a plain card with a picture and a simple message—that’s all most people would do. However, you have the freedom to do something unconventional. Instead of the ordinary small cards, you can send a bigger one. However, do not exceed the A4 sizes.  

The bigger the card, the more room you have to be creative about your message and the details you wish to add. Secondly, you can add more pictures to the card. Consider the number and how you would wish to position them.  

Instead of ordinary portraits and landscapes, create a photo collage using tricks like cube, oval, and circle collages. These tricks help you include more photos in a limited space. This is a perfect way to remember many memories within a limited space.  

If you grew up with the recipient, include photos at different stages. Add other effects like flowers or bubble messages to draw humor and smiles.  

5. Design And Aesthetics Matter 

A perfect collage should have the perfect borders and at least some nice stickers to add more aesthetics and appeal to the card.  

You can create something unique to express your emotions and creativity. After that, select the best paper to print the card on. Instead of conventional papers, use photographic and shiny papers. This allows the recipient to frame the card and add it to the wall. 

Since the recipient will likely keep the card longer, ensure every detail has some value or laughter. Avoid the plain and boring greetings. Send a greeting that talks about your year or some memory together.  

The memories and the past make a perfect, unique greeting that will make them tear up or smile. After that, add something like I remember, miss or love you to the greeting. That’s a perfect way to begin your message, then add a photo and other messages later.  

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Don’t be too plain and boring with your message. Get creative and do things out of the ordinary to express your feelings to the recipient. Holidays are a time to smile, remember relationships, and cherish happy moments.  

So, put all these things on your card, and do not forget anything humorous, especially the photos.  

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